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This playful coloring page features an iconic symbol of Jewish cuisine – the bagel – from Boichik Bagels, celebrated for bringing authentic New York-style bagels to California. The page showcases a large, detailed bagel that tempts with its textured surface, hinting at a crisp exterior and chewy interior that bagel aficionados love. Above the bagel is the Boichik Bagels logo, proclaiming the arrival of good bagels in California.

This coloring page is a fun nod to the cultural and culinary contribution of bagels to American food culture, especially within the Jewish community. With its bold outlines, the image is suitable for colorists of all ages.

It can be colored with a variety of mediums, such as crayons for younger colorists looking for broad, forgiving strokes, or with colored pencils for those who want to add subtle textures and shading to the bagel’s surface. Fine-tipped markers could also be used to bring out the finer details in the logo and text.

The Boichik Bagels coloring page can serve as a delicious activity for those who appreciate a blend of cultural heritage and food, and it can be a wonderful conversation starter about the story of bagels and their significance in Jewish-American history.

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Original Photo

Here’s the original bagel that inspired the coloring page!

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