Traditional Masquerade Mask for Purim; Free Printable Coloring Page

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Celebrate the festive spirit of Purim with this elegant masquerade mask coloring page. Designed to be both an artistic activity and a craft, the mask features swirling designs, floral motifs, and decorative accents that capture the joyous and playful nature of Purim, a holiday known for costumes and celebration.

The eye holes are already marked to be cut out, making it easy to transform this piece of art into a wearable mask after coloring.

For this project, a variety of coloring supplies can be used. Crayons or markers would be great for younger children to give solid blocks of color to the mask. For those who want to add sparkle and shine, which is especially fitting for Purim, glitter glue or metallic markers could be used to highlight certain details or to fill in patterns. If using colored pencils, the various textures and patterns lend themselves beautifully to shading and blending, creating a more nuanced and dimensional look.

When printing, you can select the “Scale” function on your printer to make the mask bigger or smaller if needed.

Once colored, parents can help attach a string, ribbon, or a paper chain to each side of the mask, so it can be worn. This coloring page is not just a creative endeavor but also an opportunity to engage with the story of Purim, discussing the characters of Esther, Mordecai, and Haman, and the traditions that make the holiday special. It’s a perfect activity for a Purim party, classroom setting, or for family fun at home.

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