Torah Solar Eclipse Free Printable Coloring Page

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Solar eclipses have been a source of wonder and interpretation throughout history, including in the Torah. Genesis 1:14 is often considered to refer to solar eclipses and other “luminaries in the firmament.” Our coloring page of a Torah-era nomad gazing in wonder at an eclipse captures that concept.

Rabbinical sources often describe eclipses as significant omens. For instance, the Talmud (Sukkah 29a) discusses lunar and solar eclipses and their meanings for the people of Israel and the nations of the world.

As for coloring this page, it offers a variety of textures and contrasts that would be well-suited for a combination of coloring tools. The deep blacks and brilliant whites of the eclipse might be best rendered with fine-tipped markers or gel pens to create a stark contrast, reflective of the awe-inspiring nature of an eclipse. Meanwhile, the soft sands of the desert and the delicate details of the figure’s robes could be colored with pencils, allowing for subtle shading and a blending of warm hues to capture the heat and serenity of the desert.

Coloring this page can be both an educational and a meditative exercise, allowing one to reflect on the wonders of nature, the vastness of the desert, and the timeless narratives from the Torah that have captivated humanity for millennia.

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